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Proton International

Our Qualifications

The Proton International team has collectively been involved with the development of more proton centers than any staff in the business. Our services includes design, construction, equipment installation, commissioning, training, clinical protocols, ongoing equipment service and maintenance and operational support.

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Services Offered

We specialize in one & two room centers

  • Business Planning and Feasibility
  • Financing
  • Organizational Structure
  • Building Design & Construction
  • Installation
  • Commissioning & Training

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Proton International

Making Protons Accessible

Access to Proton Therapy is complicated by the restricted number of centers, the timing issues of cancer as a demanding disease, and the costs. PI has addressed these by starting a Proton Access Program to provide patients and physicians with the tools to make this treatment available.

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Introduction to the PI Virtual Proton Clinic

Proton International (PI) will bring to your patients the ability to immediately access proton therapy and ultimately a cost effective solution to build your own proton center . The PI team is the most experienced group available in the development of proton beam therapy centers including the design, construction, staffing, operation and maintenance of the facilities. The partners and team members of PI have successfully developed and operated multiple proton therapy facilities and comprehensive cancer centers.

PI is excited to offer you the opportunity to jointly develop a Virtual Proton Therapy Clinic (“VPC”) on your campus that will make proton therapy available to patients in your local market via a network of operating centers in the United States.


  • Access limited for patients due to scarcity of resource, i.e. restricted number of proton centers.
  • Timeliness of access for proton candidates.
  • Cancer is a demanding disease. There is only limited time after diagnosis has been made to act before the cancer grows and spreads with rapidly deteriorating chances for cure.
  • Many centers are very expensive, yet we have direct relationships and negotiated rates with flexibility.


Proton International provides all services at no direct cost to the patient. Our costs are supported by service contracts with the treating facilities reimbursing PI for the services we perform organizing, reviewing, evaluating and coordinating cases and clinical information and logistics services.

Each facility will have a specific charge for the treatment services provided. Upon initial case review if the case is a proton candidate you will be provided with a specific treatment cost proposal and treatment location options.

Proton Access Program


Based on the expertise of the medical team under the leadership of our medical experts, this website will provide patients and physicians with the information and based on the following goals:

  • evaluate the feasibility of a patient’s disease for particle therapy
  • inform/ educate patients and their physicians about the degree of expected benefit from particle therapy
  • inform patient / physicians about availability of proton therapy nearest to home.

The team of experts at PI will answer the most frequently asked questions by cancer patients hearing about proton therapy:


Will Proton Therapy give me a better chance of cure?


Will Proton Therapy result in a lesser risk of developing side effects and/or damage to my body – either during treatment or years after therapy?


Will Proton Therapy give me a better chance to live a normal life after having been cured of cancer?


In the opinion of experts – is the advantage of proton therapy “meaningful” for me?


Is the advantage “worth” the added effort for myself, and possibly family and friends to likely spend weeks or even months away from home and my supportive environment?


I need to start radiation treatment soon; can you help me get a treatment slot at a proton facility on time?


Should I insist on pursuing proton therapy even if it means a delay in getting radiotherapy started?


Am I jeopardizing my chances of cure if I accept a delay?


What are the costs of proton therapy?


Where is the nearest proton center available for my specific cancer?


What is the evidence that proton therapy is better?


Is there a center in my country available suitable for my disease?


Proton International is not a healthcare treatment entity. Proton International maintains an International Network of Proton Therapy Facilities. All of the facilities are of the highest quality and meet all of their required licensure and quality standards.

PI is able to review on your behalf multiple facilities to assure you are able to achieve the most optimum combination of timely access, clinical excellence based on your specific tumor type, price, and location. Through our multiple relationships you will be confident you can be treated in the optimal facility based on these parameters. PI also has on staff international experts in the field providing 24 hour evaluation and feedback on your case.

We are a panel of experts with many years experience in proton therapy. All experts either treat presently at proton centers or a have extensive experience in the treatment with proton therapy. This website has grown out of our concerns that potential proton therapy patients have no ready access to be evaluated for proton therapy, do not know if their disease makes them a candidate for therapy, and which centers would be available and have the capacity to treat them.



Find the right center


Provide timely feedback on each case within 24 hours in most cases

Proton therapy is a scarce cancer treatment resource for patients across the world. Proton therapy has unequivocally demonstrated its ability to focus and deliver radiation therapy to difficult-to-treat anatomic areas, to deliver high doses of radiation to radioresistant tumors, and to minimize and reduce radiation dose delivered to normal tissues and normal organs around tumors and in the path of radiation.

It is an undisputed paradigm that a reduced dose to normal tissues will result in reduced likelihood of radiation damage. It is also undisputed, that radiation can kill any cancer cell – regardless of radioresistant or sensitive to radiation, as long as the radiation can be delivered to its intended location in the body to hit those cancer cells.

Proton therapy has proven its superior ability compared to conventional X-ray irradiation to meet both goals simultaneously – namely the safe, and organ sparing delivery of high-dose radiation.

At present, proton therapy is more costly than conventional X-ray based radiotherapy for the patient or his/her insurance since the equipment to produce and deliver proton therapy is expensive to build and operate.

Presently, there are by far fewer proton therapy centers available worldwide compared to the number of patients who would benefit from proton therapy. Most countries have no operational therapy center at present and patients seeking proton therapy have to travel outside the country.

In addition, proton therapy centers are not distributed evenly around the world, but clustered in few countries – mainly the USA, Japan, and some European nations – a summary of countries offering proton therapy at present can be found at the following LINK.

The higher costs of building and operating a proton therapy center have resulted in various different Health Care Policies regarding specific acceptance of Proton Therapy as alternative to conventional X-ray therapy. Some countries have a very narrow list of cancer types (called “indications”) approved for proton therapy, some countries have no official approval at all, and other countries permit use of proton therapy for a wide range of diseases. For the patients and physicians alike it is very confusing to sort through the specifics of logistics, availability, government or insurance reimbursement policy – at a time when a patient’s life is threatened, the focus needs to be on fighting the cancer.

Proton Access Program


If you would like to refer a patient please contact us either by filling out this request form and you will be contacted within 24 hours., or call the Proton Internatinoal Referral Agent at +1 804-310-2268.







Virtual Proton Clinic Overview

The initiative will position you as the early leader in delivering proton therapy for the region. Through your affiliation with PI you will benefit from increased patient volumes to your existing facilities. PI’s training infrastructure will ensure that you and the entire local clinical team continue to play a prominent role in your patient’s care leading to a comfortable and seamless transition from evaluation and planning, to treatment, and to the return of the patient to your local network.

Training in the entire proton therapy process of patient selection, referral process, treatment planning and treatment management decisions will prepare you and your team to take on the clinical responsibilities of your own center in the future. The degree of your active participation will be tailored according to your specific needs and wishes.

Click on the below sections to get more detail:

services training


PI will administer both onsite and remote training to VPC referring physicians to give  an understanding of the major differences between photon and proton comparative does planning.

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services medphys

Treatment Planning

You will be an integral part of the treatment team as you will be offered the opportunity to participate in the making of treatment management, planning, and prescription decisions.

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service org

Intake Rounds

Once your paitent's treatment plans have been prepared, you will be invited, if you desire, to join the weekly intake rounds at the specific treating center during which your patient's case will be discussed.

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services IT

Treatment & Follow-up

PI is committed to providing patient-centric integrated care throughout the treatment process and our team will keep you abreast of your patient's progress as they undergo proton therapy.

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Experienced Team

handshake squareTurnkey offering from a team that has collectively been involved with the development of more proton centers than any team in the business.

Our services includes design, construction, equipment installation, commissioning, training, clinical protocols, ongoing equipment service and maintenance and operational support.

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