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Our mission is to create access to proton therapy, which has the ability to improve cancer care and change the world.

Proton therapy is truly changing the way we treat cancer. While conventional X-ray radiation utilizes photons to attack tumors, this innovative treatment uses proton beams, which can more precisely target cancer cells with less collateral damage. Unlike X-ray radiation, there is minimal damage to the surrounding healthy tissues and organs.

This can reduce and minimize the risk and severity of side effects and often allows for faster recovery times, improved quality of life and, in some cases, increased rates of tumor control. Proton International was formed to provide greater access to this cutting-edge treatment, as it remains a very limited resource for most of the world. There are far fewer proton therapy centers worldwide compared to the number of patients who would benefit from such treatment. In fact, most countries do not have an existing operational therapy center.

Our team works with hospitals and physician groups throughout the world to develop one- and two-room proton treatment centers, a clinically relevant and financially feasible alternative to larger multi-room centers. Members of the Proton International management team have more than 20 years of experience planning, designing, building and operating proton centers, and has collectively been involved with the development of more centers than any staff in the industry.

Our Services

From conception to completion — and beyond — we are here for you.

The team at Proton International has the experience, expertise and insight necessary to ensure your proton center is opened on time, under budget and within the scope of needs. Based on our previous experience developing proton centers, our team will deliver a turn-key offering and will, together with your team, oversee and implement all phases of the project.

Business Planning + Feasibility
Organizational structure
Clinical Program Evaluation
Technology Selection
Building Design + Construction

Proton therapy is making headlines.

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