Our International
Referral Program

We help patients get the treatment they need no matter where they live.

Proton International was formed for one reason — to provide access to proton radiation therapy. While Proton International is developing centers in as many countries, cities and communities as possible, the process takes time. For cancer patients, waiting is not an option.

Unfortunately, access to proton therapy remains limited throughout the world. There are far fewer proton therapy centers compared to the number of patients who would benefit from such treatment. In fact, most countries have no existing operational proton therapy center, and patients seeking treatment have to travel outside their native country.

To help combat this issue, we created an International Referral Program to better reach those in need. Through this program, individuals living in areas where proton centers do not exist can receive treatment at select Proton International facilities and those we are affiliated with. These include the California Proton Cancer Therapy Center in San Diego, California; Maryland Proton Treatment Center in Baltimore, Maryland; and the South Florida Proton Therapy Institute in Delray Beach, Florida.

In addition to treatment, the International Referral Program provides travel assistance, airport pickup, reservations at an extended-stay hotel in your destination city, groceries, interpreter service, transportation to and from your treatment facility, and other forms of leisure and social support, including community groups, religious centers, local activities and attractions, and therapy sessions. We are committed to providing the most advanced treatments possible and doing so with genuine care and compassion for each of our patients.

Our core referral centers

Proton Center of Arkansas

www.uamshealth.com/the-proton-center-of-arkansas Call: (501) 664-4568

South Florida Proton Therapy Institute

https://www.sfpti.com Call: (561) 323-6498

Proton International London at UCLH

www.protonintlondon.com Call: 0203 9255 885

In addition to treatment, the International Referral Program provides assistance during your travels.

  • Travel Assistance

  • Airport Pickup

  • Groceries

  • Leisure and social support

  • Interpreter services

  • Transportation to facility

  • Hotel reservations

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