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With genuine care and compassion, we are driven by a desire to deliver proton therapy to those who need it most.

Bringing unmatched experience and expertise to the world of proton therapy.

We exist to provide access to proton therapy for cancer patients around the world. This innovative and advanced treatment has the ability to save lives and improve the quality of life for countless others. Proton International is comprised of an experienced team dedicated to bringing proton therapy to your community, facility and patients. We offer turn-key one- and two-room proton therapy facilities that are low risk and more financially feasible than in the past.

A one-room center can treat about 40 patients per day, making it a viable alternative for many hospitals. The one- or two-room proton facilities can be built into a hospital’s existing infrastructure rather than requiring a separate stand-alone building. The cost of these smaller centers can be a tenth of what is now being spent to build more traditional four-room centers.

Our team is highly experienced in the development of proton beam therapy centers including the design, construction, equipment installation and service, commissioning, staffing and training, operation and maintenance of the facilities. Our Director, Chris Chandler, has participated in the sale, financing and opening of more than 12 such facilities with four in development. Therefore, we are aware of the key issues involved with building these highly complex facilities, and we can assure our clients that their centers will be built on time, within budget and within the scope and needs of the institution.

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