SFPTI Cyclotron Arrival

Congratulations to Dr. Tim Williams and his team at South Florida Proton Therapy Institute after their Cyclotron arrived today! We are one step closer to bringing protons to the wonderful citizens of Delray Beach!

See below for fun facts about the Cyclotron:

The cyclotron is about the size of a family car and weighs 90 tons. (Also about the same weight as the Space Shuttle)

The cyclotron contains about ~25 miles of highly conductive wiring

The cyclotron is cooled to -450 degrees Fahrenheit and accelerates protons to two-thirds the speed of light (over 100,000 miles per second)

The cyclotron is manufactured in Germany and shipped by sea to a nearby port for transport via a specialized semi-trailer to the final destination. (The cyclotron ships in two containers)

Protons are guided using huge magnets along a beam line and into a treatment room where the beam is delivered with millimeter accuracy to target the cancer cells.

The treatment room will have a three-story gantry, with an arm which rotates 360 degrees around the patient directing the protons to where they are needed.