ProCure Proton Center in NJ Celebrates with Bob Jones

The East Brunswick Patch has recently featured an article on a local man from North Brunswick, NJ, that was diagnosed with prostate cancer at 65, and became one of the first patients treated at the ProCure center in New Jersey.

In the article, he describes his path to the ProCure center and the decisions he encountered with his doctor.  Bob started his treatment in March of 2012 and finished in June of the same year. His cancer was declared in ‘absolute remission’.

During his visits for therapy, Bob was able to meet other men with prostate cancer in the waiting room and even formed a support group, jokingly calling their friendship, ‘The Brotherhood of the Blue Bottle’. The treatment required a consistently full bladder during each fraction, which meant drinking 18ozs of water from a blue flask. They even had T-shirts made.

Please join Proton International in congratulating Bob Jones on his successful treatment! If you would like to read the full article form the Patch, please click here.