Scanning proton beam therapy reduces normal tissue exposure in pelvic radiotherapy for anal cancer

Authors: Aman Anandcor, Martin Bues, William G. Rule, Sameer R. Keole, Chris J. Beltran, Jun Yin, Michael G. Haddock, Christopher L. Hallemeier, Robert C. Miller, Jonathan B. Ashman

A recent study in Radiotherapy and Oncology journal compares conventional radiotherapy and proton therapy with significant results.

An inter-comparison planning study between photon beam therapy (IMRT) and scanning proton beam therapy (SPBT) for squamous cell carcinoma of the anus (SCCA) is presented. SPBT plans offer significant reduction (>50%, P = 0.008) in doses to small bowel, and bone marrow thereby offering the potential to reduce bowel and hemotoxicities.

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