Undergoing a Digital Transformation in Cancer Therapy at PI

An article in January's edition of Business Chief highlights Proton International's Vice President of Design and Construction, Jay Beranek. The focus of the article is how the proton industry has transformed over the last few years.

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Digital transformation is affecting all industries as companies adapt to the latest trends in order to achieve success with their offerings. In the case of cancer treatments, it has also allowed for proton therapy to have a more significant impact in the sector. Proton therapy, which is a type of radiation therapy used to treat cancer, utilizes protons instead of x-rays in order to battle the disease. As a positively charged particle, protons can destroy cancer cells and are often combined with chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy and immunotherapy. Vice President of Design and Construction at Proton International, Jay Beranek, has overseen a significant transformation inthe construction of cancer treatment centers since arriving at the company in 2011. In the years since Beranek believes that technology has become increasingly important to Proton International.

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